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Peter Eastway

Having worked in most areas of professional photography, Peter Eastway's passion is for landscapes. Peter's work is so respected that Lonely Planet chose him to write their international photography guide book on landscape photography.

Peter is also a Grand Master of Photography, one of only a handful in the world and earned from a career spanning nearly 30 years. Peter has won many awards for his photography.

In 1996 and 1998 he was the AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year. Recently he won the Grand Award for the Commercial Category at the 2005 WPPI Exhibition in Las Vegas.

His limited edition prints are exhibited in selected galleries around Australia and are held by private collectors in England, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and the USA.


Antony Spencer

Antony Spencer is a photographer based in Dorset and specializes in capturing the landscape in the best available light wherever and whenever possible.

In 2010 Antony became the UK landscape photographer of the year after winning the Take a View Landscape photographer of the year competition.

Having lived his whole life in the South West, he is very passionate about the varied landscape there, from beautiful rolling downland to the incredible coastline of the southwestern peninsula - from Dorset right round to North Devon and Somerset.

Antony also spends a great deal of time in the Arctic chasing Aurora Borealis and arctic winter landscapes. Whether it’s below freezing or the relatively balmy climes of Dorset, he loves experiencing the landscape as often as possible.


Andy Biggs

Andy Biggs is an avid adventurer, conservationist, teacher, and outdoor photographer whose photography celebrates the African landscape and its rich wildlife, people, and culture. With a deep respect and understanding for African wildlife, Andy unfolds the world of the Serengeti, the Okavango Delta and other wildlife-rich destinations onto our doorstep with striking emotional depth. His photographic safaris allow the traveler to not only enhance their understanding of photography, lighting, and wildlife, but to develop a life-long admiration for Africa 's beauty and culture.

In 2008, Banana Republic used thirteen of Andy's photographs as the cornerstone of their Urban Safari campaign, and his images were seen in all 750 stores around the globe, as well as in their billboards, catalogs and annual report. Andy was also the winner of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, Wild Places category, as well as a Highly Commended in the Unique Visions of Nature category.

Micha Pawlitzki

With over 100 publications, Micha remains as one of Europe’s most published photographers.  Micha’s photographic focus has primarily been in Architecture and Landscape, and his extensive travel allows him to explore these passions on all points of the globe.
Due to the precision of his work, the attention to detail and the focus on impeccable composition, his work has found consistent demand from several of the biggest companies in the world, including Apple, Google, and BMW just to name a few.  His dedication to the craft and his passion for the Medium Format workflow are a true testament to his success, with several prestigious awards.
Micha run’s over 50 workshops of his own each year, so he is well versed in providing excellent instruction and is eager to inspire and educate those that share his passion.

Tony Hewitt

Tony is a ‘Grand Master of Photography’ of the prestigious Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). He is an Honorary Fellow of the AIPP and a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.

Tony’s career highlights feature over 200 state, and international photography awards. In September 2013 Tony was awarded the prestigious title of Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year, and in the same year received the New Zealand Overseas Photographer of the Year, the Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year and the Western Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Tony was also invited to be a Core Artist at the 2013 Ballaratt International Foto Biennali. He was Western Australian Professional Photographer of the Year 2004 and also in 1994.


Peter Cox

Peter Cox is a landscape photographer and educator working and living in the wilds of his native Ireland. Using a combination of artistic vision and technical mastery, he creates images that communicate his love for the landscape directly to the viewer. Recognized as one of the premier photographers in Ireland, he has received a Fellowship from the Irish Professional Photographers’ Association (IPPA). His work has been featured in exhibitions as far flung as Japan, as well as on Irish television and abroad, and is hanging in hundreds of homes all around the globe.

In 2015, he released his second book, a collection of aerial photographs of Ireland's west coast. As an educator, he has a strong focus on his students and works hard to ensure that they both improve their craft and get great enjoyment from his workshops. Bringing students from all over the world and sharing the beautiful and lesser-known nooks and crannies of his country gives him great personal satisfaction.

Steve Gosling

Steve Gosling is an internationally acclaimed professional photographer who specialises in producing creative & contemporary landscape and travel images.

His photographs have been published internationally (e.g. on posters, greetings cards, book covers) and have illustrated books, magazines, newspapers & calendars across the world.

His prints have been widely exhibited across the UK and have also appeared on sets for both theatre & film productions.

His work has won many awards – most recently for the last two years he has had 7 images nominated for an award in the prestigious ’B&W Spider Awards’, selected from the thousands of entries received from across the world.


Christian Fletcher

Christian Fletcher is a recipient of the 2011 AIPP Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year award and has more than 20 years experience of professional photography.

Trained in traditional photo techniques, Fletcher has evolved with the digital revolution, and is able to offer the skill and understanding required to master the craft.

His expert knowledge of digital file processing for example, will be an invaluable aid for participants who want to extract the greatest level of image quality from Phase One images.


Kevin Raber

An eager photographer since 12 years of age, Kevin's love and passion for photography has flourished. His vast history in the industry has allowed him to progress through many stages of photography. 

He had studios in the Philadelphia area, working for one of the premier color labs in the country and was a big part of the digital revolution that has enveloped photography today. 

Today he is a publisher of Luminous-landscape, one of the most visited websites for photo pros and enthusiasts. Previously, he worked for Phase One for 13 years establishing a thorough understanding of Phase One Camera Systems, Lenses and Software. 


Paul Reiffer

As a multi-award winning British photographer, Paul has traveled around the world capturing people, landscapes and commercial images for many years.

Now back home in England, he recently spent 3 years in Shanghai, using it as a base until 2015 in order to capture even more stunning landscape photographs of the eastern hemisphere where his work was recognized with several awards and commissions across Asia.

Having worked on both sides of the lens, Paul often sees things differently to other photographers and he uses that ability to capture truly unique imagery.

Through a close working relationship with Phase One, as well as from running his own worldwide workshop program, Paul is able to talk through his experiences in switching to medium format throughout the workshop


Jackie Ranken

Jackie Ranken is an Australian born, multi-award winning landscape art photographer now living in New Zealand. She is an International judge and lecturer, Grand Master of Photography within the Australian AIPP and New Zealand NZIPP Institutes of Professional Photography, 2003 World Press Photo Award for Nature, NZIPP Photographer of the Year in 2008 and 2012, AIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2003 and 2013.
What matters most to her is that she is out there making photographs. “Finding herself’ in the landscape, increasing her skills base and expressing herself through her photography. She believes that “Without the print the photograph doesn’t truly exist”.

In addition to all she’s accomplished, Jackie is also a seasoned veteran to the PODAS workshops and Phase One system. From Antarctica to Bali, and in her own backyard, Jackie is sure to provide the knowledge and insight any photographer needs to grow as an artist.

Mike Langford

Mike’s passion is Travel/Landscape photography and travel book publishing, with over 26 books to his name. He is a Grand Master and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and a Grand Master and Honorary Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP). He has been a professional photographer for over 30 years and an International Awards judge and lecturer for 25 years. He has won multiple National and International awards for his travel and landscape photography including: Australian Geographic Photographer of the Year, Korean International Photographer of the Year, NSW AIPP Photographer of the Year, twice AIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year, twice AIPP Travel Photographer of the Year. In New Zealand he has been awarded the NZIPP Photographer of the Year, NZIPP Corporate/Industrial Photographer of the Year, NZIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year and NZIPP Travel Photographer of the Year.
He is co-director the Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography with his wife Jackie Ranken.  Together with Jackie, Mike has been an integral part of several PODAS workshops, instilling knowledge and inspiration to all those that attend the workshops.

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish’s landscape photography books, First Light, Scotland’s Coast and Scotland’s Mountains have inspired an entire generation of British outdoor enthusiasts and photographers. Also a prolific printer, writer, thinker, workshop leader and mentor he has been a judge of Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and regular host of the Natural History Museum’s Understanding Photography seminars. He has shot freelance assignments for the National Trust since the late 1980s. Joe is an honorary Fellow of the RPS and was the Amateur Photographer’s Power of Photography Award winner in 2006. His Northallerton gallery promotes the work of established and aspiring nature and landscape photographers.

Joe’s experience in PODAS workshops is extensive, traveling with Phase One to all corners of the globe and ensuring participants receive first class attention and instruction.  With extensive experience using technical camera solutions, as well as integrated Medium Format cameras, Joe is sure to be a valuable resource for fulfilling your true artistic vision wherever he may be teaching.

William Vázquez

William is a commercial photographer based in NYC with more than 20 years experience as a professional photographer. From small towns, to big cities, to jungles, mountains, and everywhere in between photographing, people and places. He travels more than 100,000 miles a year applying his documentary approach to his commercial assignments; which is his trademark. Fortune 100 companies have used many of his images in global campaigns worldwide. William has given workshops in Altos de Chavon (an affiliate of Parsons School of Design in NYC) in the Dominican Republic. Has taught at the School of Visual Arts in the MPS program as well as given numerous talks at the Apple Store in NYC, and Parsons School of Design on his work.


Bruce Byers

A commercial photographer for over 30 years, Bruce’s clients and personal work has taken him from his studio in New York to countries around the globe.  He has taught photography at NYU, Peters Valley workshops and has led many workshops to Cuba.  His engaging documentary style reflects photographs that communicate a compelling story.  His work ranges from photographing boats on the Nile for cruise lines; documenting medical missions in China, the West Bank, Bangladesh and India; to assignments from numerous corporate clients including Macy’s, Earthport, Paulist Fathers, AT+T, Cunard Lines and the Irish Tourist Board. “As a photojournalist, I have been telling the poignant stories of the people I have met throughout my life through the lens of my camera.  I also set up workshops to help other photographers learn how to communicate visual stories through their love of art and photography. William Vazquez and I have created Camera Voyages to introduce people to new areas of the world through the highly personal lens of the camera.”


Murray Fredericks

Murray Fredericks is a photographer and visual artist working on long term, landscape based projects in locations such as the Greenland Icecap and Lake Eyre, a giant salt plain, in central Australia. Fredericks photographs in flat, featureless locations over many years, producing bodies of work that convey both an internal and external experience of emptiness and the void.

The photographer’s work is represented by Hamiltons Gallery, London, Arc One Gallery in Melbourne and Annandale Galleries in Sydney. His photographs sit in major public and private collections internationally and he has won a number of prestigious awards.

Murray has documented his projects in two films (as DP and co-director), which have appeared in major film festivals and on TV networks internationally. He is also commissioned as a landscape, time-lapse video specialist by documentary units that include, the BBC Natural History Unit, ABC and z-Arte.

Steven Friedman

An award-winning photographer and a master of the Fine Art print process. His close friend and fellow instructor, Tim Wolcott, only rivals Steven’s own experience in the field, and value to this workshop. Having these two Master Printers present on our Print oriented workshop is sure to leave you without any doubt in the proper process. Steve typically shoots with Phase One systems on Large Format or Technical cameras, and his input in these mediums will prove quite valuable for all those present.

Tim Wolcott

Coming from a long line of photographers, Tim’s experience and knowledge in the Photographic word is extensive. Not only an accomplished photographer but an expert in the area of printing, Tim will be sure to give you insight into the craft like you have never seen.


Drew Altdoerffer

Drew is a staple of the PODAS workshops.  With nearly 20 PODAS workshops under his belt, Drew was part of the PODAS creation, working closely with PODAS founder Kevin Raber back in 2009.  Drew has worked behind the scenes coordinating logistics, driving, teaching and acting as the primary equipment support staff. 

Since 2015 Drew has been the primary manager of the PODAS workshops, working closely with the instructors and participants to provide the best workshop experience available. 

An avid photographer himself and current Product Manager at Phase One, Drew can provide the answers to all you photographic questions. 

Traveling is not only in his job description but a passion he shares with all those in the PODAS family.  Eager for adventure and always in high spirits, he’s sure to help make your PODAS workshop a rewarding and unforgettable experience.