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IQ3 Digital Backs

The Professional Imaging Solution

Features and Options

IQ3 Digital Backs, integrated with the XF Camera System, embody the peak of professional medium format performance. In all aspects, IQ3 Camera Systems are geared toward the professional photographer, delivering an efficient workflow and flawless image quality.

100MP, 80MP and 50MP

With three distinct resolution options, the IQ3 Camera Systems ensure the right fit for the right job. Each camera system provides its own particular set of advantages, and each ensures that the end result is exactly as you planned. No need to sacrifice your requirements to match our products - whatever your job entails, we’ll be sure to deliver.

16 Bit Analogue Feel

Color depth has long since been an indicator of digital imaging quality. The richer the color depth, the more natural beauty can be reproduced in the final result. With the 16 bit color depth available in the IQ3 100MP and IQ3 80MP, Phase One carries on a principle commitment to the best possible image quality. We’re proud to continue to provide the subtlety and accuracy of color that 16 bit color depth delivers.

Electronic Shutter

An industry first for Medium Format, we’re introducing the most technically advanced, versatile and dynamic feature yet, complete Electronic Shutter integration. Now, with the IQ3 100MP on either the XF Camera System or an alternative technical camera, you can capture images without a single moving component. With the new rolling shutter technology of the IQ3 100MP, you have complete control directly from the digital back. The Electronic Shutter not only provides advantages for a number of capture scenarios but it extends the control and workflow possibilities for Live View, Black Reference integration and technical camera applications.

CCD and CMOS Possibilities

With image quality, flexibility and professional choice being a priority at Phase One, we continue to ensure that the right tool is available for the right job. The IQ3 Camera Systems provide options for CCD sensor technology or CMOS sensor technology. If unmatched tonal subtlety and detail retention is a must, the CCD sensor technology of the IQ3 80MP is a perfect fit. If ISO flexibility and LiveView workflow are needed, the IQ3 100MP and IQ3 50MP CMOS solutions are at your disposal.

15 Stop Dynamic Range

Pioneering dynamic range milestone achievements has always been a driving force of technology growth at Phase One. With each new generation of our Camera Systems, we’ve continued to lead the industry in offering the most dynamic range of any other commercially available system. We’re proud to continue that tradition in our premier IQ3 Camera System.

60-Minute Exposures – More Freedom to Explore

The IQ3 Camera Systems are designed to provide you with the ultimate in contemporary flexibility and features. Whether you’re using CCD or CMOS technology, all IQ3 Camera Systems provide you with the flexibility to meet any demand. Exposure times ranging from 1/4000th of a second to a full 60 minutes is just one example of Phase One’s commitment to the extreme demands of professional photographers.

Complete Compatibility

The IQ3 Camera Systems are designed to embrace the flexibility of a modular system, allowing for integration with numerous other imaging solutions while maintaining complete integration with the XF Camera System. With logical operation and integration, also for alternative camera systems, the IQ3 Camera Systems stand as the clear professional choice in the medium format world.

Future Focus

Phase One is always pushing digital imaging forward. The IQ3 Camera Systems benefit from our dedication to always embrace the technological evolution of photography. With the continued introduction of new features, integration options, and tools for the IQ3 Camera Systems, Phase One ensures that you continue to benefit from your investment. With several feature updates already released, each adding new features and value, the XF IQ3 Camera System continues to evolve.
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See what our photographers have to say

"The XF 100MP captures the intricate detail of my creations with such astonishing precision, it surpasses every expectation I ever dreamt possible." - Alexia Sinclair

"The XF 100MP captures the intricate detail of my creations with such astonishing precision, it surpasses every expectation I ever dreamt possible." - Alexia Sinclair

"The XF 100MP is a giant leap ahead of any camera system I’ve ever shot before. It's not even a fair fight…" - Tim Kemple

"The XF 100MP is a giant leap ahead of any camera system I’ve ever shot before. It's not even a fair fight…" - Tim Kemple

"I'm blown away by the new auto-focus. It's so much faster than any medium format system I ever tried" - Douglas Sonders

"I'm blown away by the new auto-focus. It's so much faster than any medium format system I ever tried" - Douglas Sonders

"People ask me what's the most important attribute of a medium format file. For me, it's not pixels or even the lenses, it's the incredible dynamic range" - Peter Eastway


Integration and Workflow

Professional performance demands proper system integration and efficient workflow solutions. The IQ3 Digital Backs ensure professional compatibility, complete integration and workflow solutions that save you time.

Wireless Operation

Wireless communication, control and simplicity is now an essential component of the professional photographer's workflow. With the IQ3 Digital Backs there is no need for external or cumbersome accessories. The built-in wireless integration and control provides seamless integration to your wireless device.

Advanced Features

Phase One has a long-standing history of technical achievement and comprehensive integration. With a commitment to advanced technology for the professional photographer, the IQ3 Digital Backs include features such as the Electronic Shutter of the IQ3 100MP and Pixel Binning of the IQ3 80MP, to ensure the requirements of the world's most demanding photographers are met.

Open Platform Philosophy

The advantages of an open and modular system are seemingly endless. With a host of specialized camera manufacturers delivering professional solutions for art reproduction, architecture, landscape or industrial applications, the IQ3 Digital Backs maintain compatibility and adaptability to serve any professional requirement.

XF Camera System Integration

Designed to provide the best of both worlds, the IQ3 Digital Backs integrate fully with the XF Camera System. Providing professional tools and advanced workflow features, the IQ3 Digital Back works together with the XF Camera System to ensure professional performance, efficiency and reliability. When combined, the XF IQ3 Camera System transforms the user interface into a seamless and professional experience using the OneTouch UI. Along with the Honeybee Autofocus Platform, the Schneider Kreuznach Blue Ring lenses, and the constantly growing Feature Update tool set, the XF IQ3 Camera System is the professional standard in medium format photography.

XF Camera System

The XF Camera System is the most advanced Medium Format Camera System on the market; built for Ultimate Image Quality on a future proof platform. 

Advanced XF IQ3 controls

The XF Body bundled with the range of IQ3 Digital Backs is a powerful combination, featuring a high-capacity interface capable of delivering faster data transmission and power sharing.

XF Feature Updates

Built as a truly future proof platform, we continue to update the capabilities of the XF Systems, with new tools and features like the Focus Stack Tool, Profoto Air Tool, and much more.   

Superior Optics 

Our Leaf Shutter lenses are designed together with world-renowned optics manufacturer, Schneider Kreuznach of Germany. Building on decades of experience in high-resolution optics and precision manufacturing, the Leaf Shutter lenses are some of the sharpest lenses in the world, built for today’s systems as well as the future.

Leaf Shutter Lenses

With an integrated Leaf Shutter, the Schneider Kreuznach Blue Ring lens range delivers unmatched quality and advanced features such as flash synchronization speed of up to 1/1600th of a second. Not only are the optics designed to provide flawless imaging results but photographers can overpower ambient light with fast sync speeds, gaining complete control over the environment in order to perfectly freeze motion or create beautiful lighting effects.

Focal Plane Lenses

The Phase One Focal Plane lens range is designed to deliver clean optical performance together with fast apertures, at the lowest possible weight. For photographers needing outstanding image quality, easy portability, rugged design and fastest capture response of all the available lenses, the focal plane range is an ideal choice.

Free Choice of Lens

Every professional application is unique and the tools required are no exception. Phase One understands the individual demands of the professional photographer, and because of that offers each XF IQ3 Camera System with your choice of packaged lens. Our entire Blue Ring prime lens line is available for you to choose the focal length that best meets your needs when the XF Camera and IQ3 Digital Back are purchased together.
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The Capture One Pro Difference

The image quality pledge from Phase One is assured with the integration of Capture One Pro software. With such intimate knowledge of both digital camera technology and software development under the same roof, Capture One Pro software blends seamlessly with your RAW images and provides rich quality that no other software, or hardware manufacturer, can deliver.

Professional Workflow

The IQ3 Digital Backs, regardless of camera system used, integrate to Capture One Pro and ensure a level of control only Phase One can deliver. When Phase One Digital Backs are used with the XF Camera, the integrated system comes into a professional world of its own. Providing customized controls, tools and user interface in both the XF Camera System and Capture One Pro, the possibilities of tailoring the tools to fit your needs are endless.

RAW Image Quality

When it comes to image quality, Capture One Pro is an important ingredient that distinguishes Phase One Systems from the rest. Our hardware and software teams have worked closer than ever to perfectly develop the IIQ RAW file, allowing all elements to play in perfect harmony. Images have never looked more natural or left you with so much inspiration.

Fastest Tethered Workflow

Rendering images in Capture One Pro at the exact moment of capture, using a USB 3.0 tethered connection, is the preferred workflow for industry-leading photographers. You instantly see your vision become a reality on screen. With the XF Camera System and Capture One Pro, we are raising the bar for tethered workflow and camera communication.

Ultimate Service & Support

Phase One offers the best in-class support, promising our hardware users a response from globally positioned experts within 8 hours, regardless of location and no matter what the concern. “We promise to respond within 8 hours but that's typically 7 hours more than we need” – Ulf Liljegren, Phase One Support Manager

5 Year Warranty

Offering an unprecedented and industry leading 5-year warranty, Phase One covers the entire system from top to bottom, lens to sensor. If your Phase One system should suffer a fault within 5 years, we will tackle repairs without hesitation.

360° Service Guarantee

At Phase One, we are thorough in everything we do. That means that every time we get a system in for service, we take the time to run a full diagnostic and make sure every little part is spinning like new. This is our way of securing the best possible reliability and longevity for all our products.

5 Year Uptime Guarantee

Exclusive to Phase One, we provide you with a worry free 5-year uptime guarantee. This guarantee provides you access to loan equipment should you need to send us your system for any reason, as well as on site service should it be necessary.

Comprehensive Product Knowledge

As the only camera provider with full in-house control over all aspects of our Camera System production as well as software, our expert support teams have intricate knowledge of all the bits and pieces, right down to the smallest detail. With complete and comprehensive product knowledge we provide the fastest possible turnaround from diagnosis to implementation, and promise the maximum in uptime for you, the customer.

Phase One Partners

Support for your Phase One system is available directly from Phase One as well as through a worldwide network of carefully selected partners. No matter where you are or what time you need us, there is always someone available to handle your concern or provide you with answers.