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What's new in Capture One 11.1

Get ready to enjoy an improved Capture One experience. Find out how our dedication to ongoing improvements has made an impact to your workflow.

Improved Import Performance

Importing large numbers of images just got faster. With  improved import performance, enjoy the enhanced import experience when importing 500+ images to Capture One.

Improved Styles workflow

Styles workflow is now even smoother. Apply Styles or Presets directly to your image, or as a Layer to control the opacity. The impact of Styles and Presets have never been easier to control, and now you can benefit from the latest Styles Pack, “Spring”, as a complimentary addition to Capture One 11.1.

Resource Hub

All you need in one convenient location. Get instant access in a click to our free learning resources, including tutorials, webinars, news, and blogs, plus direct access to support and our webshop all from within Capture One.

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New camera and lens support

Capture One delivers the most natural colors at the highest quality by carefully analyzing hundreds of images from supported cameras. We’ve now added 8 new cameras and 16 lenses, including the Fuji X-H1, Sony A7 Mk III and multiple Tamron lenses for both Nikon and Canon.

LCC presets - enhanced

Enjoy an efficient and dynamic LCC workflow like never before with this new integration which Intelligently sorts and recommends LCC presets based on available metadata and input user data.
Download release notes for more information

New features and improvements


Annotate your images in Capture One by adding handwritten notes and drawings directly on your images. Use it to remember what caught you in the moment, make notes to share with your retoucher, or simply jot down a reminder for yourself for later. Include the Annotations in your exported PSD file as a separate layer for ideal flexibility.

Layered Workflow

All adjustment tools are now compatible with Layers, making Capture One a truly “layer centric” application. With this we are introducing a new and more dynamic workspace. Local Adjustments has been renamed to Layers and is now included in multiple Tool tabs, making it easier to work with a layered editing workflow.

Layer Opacity

Control the impact of your local adjustments by changing the opacity of each layer. Once adjustments are made across as many tools as needed, simply drag the opacity slider to decrease the overall impact of the layer.

Feather Mask & Refine Mask

Softening the edges of a mask after drawing is simplified with the Feather Mask feature. Avoid having to redraw masks by simply dragging a slider to feather the edges.

The Refine Edge lets you make a more precise edge on your mask. Create a clean and adjustable mask with many uses, for example, picking out hair against a background. Use with the improved Auto Mask function for precision results.

Export Crop to Path

When applying a crop in Capture One, you can now use the Export Path to include the crop as a path when you export to PSD. By storing the crop as a Path in your exported PSD file, the full image can be used for retouching or even alternate cropping at a later stage.

Duplicate Checker

The Duplicate Checker makes sure that you don’t import the same file twice in your Catalog or Session. The robust catching-mechanism ensures that importing the difference from the last import is easy and efficient.

Color Improvements

Improved handling of color makes sure layered color adjustments work to perfection. The Color Balance, Color Editor, White Balance and other tools have been re-engineered to show smoother transitions between each layer.

Editing Speed

The overall performance of Capture One has been increased, which gives a smoother and faster experience when editing. This is especially helpful when fine-tuning adjustments.

Grey Scale Mask

Visualize your mask without the distraction of the image by switching to Grey Scale. Missed areas of your mask are now easily caught and corrected.
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Collaborations and Annotations

Often communicating ideas, edits, and changes across a team can be challenging and time consuming. The Annotations tool in Capture One solves this problem with the ability to note directly on the image, providing easy communication with teams.

Find out more about Annotations and how it strengthens Capture One as a collaborative tool.


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