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Capture One and Hardware Webinars

Hosted by our imaging experts and occasional guests, our free and interactive webinars give you an opportunity to learn or improve your skills with Phase One products.  Browse the calendar below and don’t forget to register, as seats are limited.

Stile und Voreinstellungen

Stile und Voreinstellungen sind ein entscheidender Bestandteil bei der täglichen Arbeit mit Capture One. Sei es, um den Arbeitsablauf zu beschleunigen, den Fotos direkt den eigenen Look zu geben oder sich durch mitgelieferte Stile inspirieren zu lassen.

In diesem Webinar zeigen wir Ihnen wie Sie Stile und Voreinstellungen verwenden, anlegen, bearbeiten und verwalten.

Ultimate Session Workflow

“Sessions” are a unique but simple file management option in Capture One.
Many of you may not have heard about it or not explored this workflow optimised system.
In this webinar we can show you just how powerful Sessions are to speed through a job or project.
See how to Import, Select, Rate, Cull and Export in this essential Webinar.

Color Grading Five Images

Alexander Flemming and David Grover pair up again to bring an exciting webinar all about Color Grading.
We will take five images and give them the special Capture One treatment.
Join this webinar to see how the Color Balance tool works with other tools to give you perfect results direct from Capture One.
Find your style with your own Color Grade.